Friday 28 December 2018

Benefits and Advantages of Dental Implants

A missing tooth can be a serious problem for any person since it not only hinders from eating properly but also changes the look. One of the best solutions towards missing tooth or teeth is a dental implant. Implants are not only easy to maintain but they are also a permanent solution for such missing teeth.

Dental implants are artificially made tooth roots that are installed into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth and provide a sturdy base to the whole teeth alignment.

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How are they implanted?

They are surgically implanted into the jawbone during the first session. When the gums get healed, an artificial crown is installed over the implants to give a natural look just like the original teeth. The abutment is mostly made up of porcelain.

What are the main advantages or benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are the best alternative to missing teeth. Here are some reasons behind the popularity of dental implants:

  • They can last for almost 10 years. If they are cleaned and maintained properly it can stay for a lifetime. 
  • They provide an absolutely natural look.
  • If there is no tooth, the jaw bone beneath it starts deteriorating. Dental implants not only prevent bone loss but also provide an extra grip and support to the whole teeth alignment and jawbone.
  • The adjacent teeth beside the implants get steady support.
  • The shape of your face depends on the teeth alignment. If there is one or more missing teeth, the shape of the face changes. Dental implants are a permanent solution to such problems.
  • Dental implants are made of porcelain which doesn’t decay easily. So there is no scope of having cavities.
  • They also restore the bite force.

Multiple tooth replacement tamil nadu

Best tooth replacement centre in Tamil Nadu

It needs a lot of experience and skills to conduct tooth replacement efficiently. Dr C. Murugavel is one such dental surgeon who conducts one of the best multiple tooth replacement in Tamil Nadu. Starting from single tooth replacement to full mouth rehabilitation, here you can get all done at a reasonable price.

So if you are planning to have full mouth dental implants in Chennai, contact All on four Dental Implant Centre now!

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Monday 9 July 2018

Painless Dentistry - A relief from Dental Pain

Dentistry has taken great strides with the advent of new modern technologies. Incorporating technology into this field has brought great improvements and now dentistry has solutions to almost all oral issues. Yet most of us fear to go to the dentist's place. Why is that so? The most common answer to this question remains ' the fear of pain'. Most people refrain from going to the dentists due to the painful and uncomfortable procedures they'll have to undergo. Looks like all your prayers have been answered. You don't have to be anxious about painful dental procedures anymore because dentistry has taken yet another step to make things better and comfortable for you. Painless dentistry is here!

painless dental treatment in chennai

What is Painless dentistry?

Also called sedation dentistry, painless dentistry is definitely a milestone in the history of this field. In this procedure, safe, moderate forms of sedation is used before performing any procedures. This helps to clam the patient and prevents any sort of discomfort. Such a method will numb the area and the patient will not be able to feel procedures done by the dentist in the mouth. Various levels of sedations are provided:

Minimal: In this level, the patient is conscious when the dentist performs the procedures.
Deep: The patient is in a semi-conscious state in this level.
General Anesthesia: In this level the patient remains completely unconscious.

 painless dental treatment chennai

Is Painless dentistry safe?

Painless dentistry is completely safe. It's been used by dentists for a long time, the only difference is that the possibilities of painless dentistry have expanded. Now it can be used in the most basic forms dentistry like teeth cleaning. The patient remains anxious no more as the sedation has a numbing effect on the area. Here are the medium by which sedation can be administered :

Inhaled: A breathing mask is used to administer nitrogen gas to sedate the patient.
Oral: A pill coming in varied strengths are also used to sedate the patient.
IV Sedation: Sedation is administered using IV drips that works instantly on the patients. The dosage of the drip can be controlled and adjusted by the doctor continuously.

Painless Dental Treatment Tamilnadu

Avail reliable and affordable Painless dental treatment in Chennai at All on Four Dental Implant Centre under the best team of dentists. Book an appointment now itself!

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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Show Off Your Teeth and Laugh Hard

Toddlers without teeth are acceptable in our society. Of course, they look cute too. Do you think toothless adults get warm welcome in our world quite akin to toddlers? Not at all. This is because toothless smile is considered not so beautiful by the beauty standards of society. And toothless people are looked down by everyone around them. Being toothless also defines one’s health and ageing issues. If toothless people are given such a downgraded status, how about the teethless folks? Wouldn’t they be discarded from the mainstream society for a reason that they lack the major component of beauty? Apparently, yes.

Are you someone who lost teeth due to injuries, decaying of tooth and related diseases? Do you feel embarrassed to stand in front of others as you think you could be judged by them? Don’t worry! The international dental implant center, All on Four Implants India under the guidance of Dr. Murugavel- Laser Specialist, Advanced Basal Implantologist- is there to help you achieve your dream of a whole set of healthy and strong teeth. So far, he successfully did 4000 implants since his career and has received quality training in Immediate Loading Basal Implantology. Although he offers many services, full mouth dental implant in Chennai is the best out of all.

Full Arch / Full Mouth Implants

Literally speaking, the whole set of teeth in the upper and lower jaws are fully implanted through this treatment. People who have lost teeth and having unhealthy and subsequent failing teeth ought to make use of full mouth implant.

Major Full Arch/ Full Mouth Implant Treatment Options

Conventional Removal Dentures

This is the most cost friendly and easiest way to support your teeth. The customized teeth for each patient helps him reach his dream of beautiful warm smile. These dentures are easy to clean and a good lip support is offered by the implants. Post treatment follow up can be done with the designated physician at the clinic.

Implant Retained Dentures

The conventional dentures are supported using implant retained studs. Locator Abutment, an attachment that can be pressed, is placed on the dental implant. The upper jaw and lower jaw require a minimum of eight implants in total.

Removable Bridge Works

The restoration of the upper jaw is carried out without covering the palate and the implant is done on a bridge that is easily removable. Four implants in upper and lower jaws are mandatory. And with the aid of clips, a bar is fitted on implants so that the denture can be put to same secured position.

Fixed Bridges

Four to eight implants are done and on top of it, teeth are constructed. These implants are irremovable and are permanently fitted.

Immediate Restorations

An overall health of the patient needs to be assessed and evaluated for a major reason that the restoration of the teeth has to be done under anesthesia.

Now, don’t you think it is high time you have to choose the teeth treatment of your choice?  International Dental Implant Center is the one stop destination for making you gorgeous with a beautiful smile on your lips by Full mouth dental implants in Chennai. Say Cheese!!!

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Wednesday 4 April 2018

More Advantages With Zygomatic Dental Implants

Now its common to have oral surgeries for dental implant procedures, where the traditional methods make it a bit tough. Zygomatic implants are an alternative to more traditional implants which involve drilling directly into the jawbone. Zygomatic implants are anchored in the upper jawbone, which is close to the dense zygoma bone.

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

  • When  compared to the traditional methods, zygomatic implants provides an extra secure foundation to the dental implants
  • Traditional implants cannot be applied if the patient has a deteriorated jaw, but Zygomatic implants can.
  • Fixed teeth replaced after three days, the usual recovery being four months.
  • Zygomatic implants does not require bone grafts
  • Reduces the timeline to completion of the upper jaw restoration
  • Faster healing than bone grafting

Zygomatic Implant Procedure

Zygomatic Implant procedure is similar to conventional implant placement. It is performed by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon under general anesthesia. It is placed through the crest posterior maxilla and either through Intra / Extra / Extended sinus, it is anchored into the cortex of the Zygoma bone.

Should you have Zygomatic Implants?

For patients with extreme bone loss, Zygomatic implants offer a safe solution. The treatment cost and overall treatment time can be decreased by the use of zygomatic implants. Often, this option is much less invasive than other dental implant treatments for severe bone loss of the upper jaw.

Zygomatic Dental Implants Chennai

All on Four Dental Implant Center, headed by Dr. Murugavel provides world-class Zygomatic Dental implants in Chennai at affordable cost. Immediate response, Choices in plenty and Optimal Aesthetics are the main traits for customer satisfaction at All On Four Dental Implant Center in Chennai.

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Tuesday 2 January 2018


Dental Care widely reflects as an auxiliary wellness in the human health. But a severe toothache could lay-off a good number of working days from your list of leaves. And many people, especially children, and senior citizens might find it oppressing to pay dental visits, as their inner anxiety might elevate to higher echelons at the thought of intricate motorized equipment entering their mouth. For all, who are reluctant to dental care, Sleep dentistry could be the ultimate solution.
Sleep dentistry keeps the patient relaxed during a dental treatment by sedating him/her with proper medication. Patients could evade the unpleasant sights, sounds or odor and stay comfortable throughout the procedure. They are driven into a drowsy, relaxed amnesic state even for a complex, time-consuming procedure, using proper sedative treatments.

All on Four implants” offers all sorts of tooth implant services via sleep dentistry. With the benefit of having the best dentists of Tamil Nadu, All on four is undoubtedly the best dental clinic in Chennai with a proven track record of successful dental implantation. Here, when a dental implant surgery is undergoing, an IV sedation (Intravenous conscious sedation) is dispensed into the bloodstream, which would incept a deep relaxation mode in the patient. The patient might not be able to recollect the happenings after the procedure, but he/she could react and comprehend during proceedings. 

In All on Four, strong painkillers are used to alleviate the pain post-treatment, as a result of decreasing effect of anesthesia. Focusing children and adults, who are nervous towards the pinch of a needle, All on Four deploys a local anesthetic cream, which induces a numbness in the stipulated area before injecting. Hence, All on Four is affirmative, the best Sedation Dentistry of Chennai and everyone seeking a proficient cure for the single tooth, multiple teeth or full mouth implantations and other treatments, could right away choose All on Four Implants.
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Friday 1 December 2017

Let Your Teeth Shine And Be Healthy ALways With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Do you have these following problems ??

  1. Tooth decay or mouth injury
  2. Fractured or injured teeth
  3. Badly worn teeth
  4. Having pain in jaws, muscle, and head

Then full mouth rehabilitation is good for your certain dental problem
Full mouth rehabilitation treats your damaged teeth and provides natural, functional, durable teeth which solve all your mouth problems. 

Full mouth rehabilitation includes some restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, such as
  1. Dental Bridges
  2. Dental Implants
  3. Dental Crowns
  4. Inlays or Onlays
  5. Teeth Whitening
  6. Porcelain Veneers
  7. Fillings

What is the procedure of full mouth rehabilitation?

The process of full mouth rehabilitation involves many restoration methods to restore or rebuild all the teeth in both lower and upper jaws. Full mouth rehabilitation is a mixture of several restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. It depends on the dentist to suggest dentistry services according to the person personal preferences. International Dental Implant Center is highly experienced and suggests treatment according to the persona's requirements. The outcome of the procedure is excellent and can last for lifelong.

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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Single Tooth Treatments and Advantages

Many will lose at least one of their adult tooth and when they fail to replace that missing or extracted tooth other issues arises. Those who have tooth loss or need a tooth get extracted can depend on single-tooth dental implants and can effective restoring your smile.


What is a Single Tooth Replacement?

Many will lose at least one of their adult tooth and when they fail to replace that missing or extracted tooth other issues arises. Those who have tooth loss or need to get a tooth extracted can depend on single-tooth dental implants.


When to get a Single-Tooth Dental Implants?

  • Loss of natural smile shape
  • Impairments or self-consciousness while eating, smiling, or talking
  • Bone deterioration in the jaw
  • Less protection to surrounding teeth
Dental implants are the most popular treatments for replacing both the lost natural tooth and its root.


What are Single-Tooth Dental Implants Benefits?

In addition to looking and functioning like a natural tooth, a dental implant replaces a single tooth without sacrificing the health of neighboring teeth. Because a dental implant can replace your tooth root, the bone is better preserved.
















The Procedure and Results

The procedure for a single-tooth dental implant can be done in an hour, if no other procedures take place. The implant is fixed in the bone, on which the crown is attached.

The screening process is very thorough and that makes single-tooth dental implants so successful.

With the proper care, the implant can last for the patient’s entire life while the crown may last for 15 years or longer.

If you are missing a tooth, consider a single-tooth replacement procedure at the International Dental Implant Center, Chennai. 
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