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Painless Dentistry - A relief from Dental Pain

Dentistry has taken great strides with the advent of new modern technologies. Incorporating technology into this field has brought great improvements and now dentistry has solutions to almost all oral issues. Yet most of us fear to go to the dentist's place. Why is that so? The most common answer to this question remains ' the fear of pain'. Most people refrain from going to the dentists due to the painful and uncomfortable procedures they'll have to undergo. Looks like all your prayers have been answered. You don't have to be anxious about painful dental procedures anymore because dentistry has taken yet another step to make things better and comfortable for you. Painless dentistry is here!

painless dental treatment in chennai

What is Painless dentistry?

Also called sedation dentistry, painless dentistry is definitely a milestone in the history of this field. In this procedure, safe, moderate forms of sedation is used before performing any procedures. This helps to clam the patient and prevents any sort of discomfort. Such a method will numb the area and the patient will not be able to feel procedures done by the dentist in the mouth. Various levels of sedations are provided:

Minimal: In this level, the patient is conscious when the dentist performs the procedures.
Deep: The patient is in a semi-conscious state in this level.
General Anesthesia: In this level the patient remains completely unconscious.

 painless dental treatment chennai

Is Painless dentistry safe?

Painless dentistry is completely safe. It's been used by dentists for a long time, the only difference is that the possibilities of painless dentistry have expanded. Now it can be used in the most basic forms dentistry like teeth cleaning. The patient remains anxious no more as the sedation has a numbing effect on the area. Here are the medium by which sedation can be administered :

Inhaled: A breathing mask is used to administer nitrogen gas to sedate the patient.
Oral: A pill coming in varied strengths are also used to sedate the patient.
IV Sedation: Sedation is administered using IV drips that works instantly on the patients. The dosage of the drip can be controlled and adjusted by the doctor continuously.

Painless Dental Treatment Tamilnadu

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