Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Dental Care widely reflects as an auxiliary wellness in the human health. But a severe toothache could lay-off a good number of working days from your list of leaves. And many people, especially children, and senior citizens might find it oppressing to pay dental visits, as their inner anxiety might elevate to higher echelons at the thought of intricate motorized equipment entering their mouth. For all, who are reluctant to dental care, Sleep dentistry could be the ultimate solution.
Sleep dentistry keeps the patient relaxed during a dental treatment by sedating him/her with proper medication. Patients could evade the unpleasant sights, sounds or odor and stay comfortable throughout the procedure. They are driven into a drowsy, relaxed amnesic state even for a complex, time-consuming procedure, using proper sedative treatments.

All on Four implants” offers all sorts of tooth implant services via sleep dentistry. With the benefit of having the best dentists of Tamil Nadu, All on four is undoubtedly the best dental clinic in Chennai with a proven track record of successful dental implantation. Here, when a dental implant surgery is undergoing, an IV sedation (Intravenous conscious sedation) is dispensed into the bloodstream, which would incept a deep relaxation mode in the patient. The patient might not be able to recollect the happenings after the procedure, but he/she could react and comprehend during proceedings. 

In All on Four, strong painkillers are used to alleviate the pain post-treatment, as a result of decreasing effect of anesthesia. Focusing children and adults, who are nervous towards the pinch of a needle, All on Four deploys a local anesthetic cream, which induces a numbness in the stipulated area before injecting. Hence, All on Four is affirmative, the best Sedation Dentistry of Chennai and everyone seeking a proficient cure for the single tooth, multiple teeth or full mouth implantations and other treatments, could right away choose All on Four Implants.
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