Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Show Off Your Teeth and Laugh Hard

Toddlers without teeth are acceptable in our society. Of course, they look cute too. Do you think toothless adults get warm welcome in our world quite akin to toddlers? Not at all. This is because toothless smile is considered not so beautiful by the beauty standards of society. And toothless people are looked down by everyone around them. Being toothless also defines one’s health and ageing issues. If toothless people are given such a downgraded status, how about the teethless folks? Wouldn’t they be discarded from the mainstream society for a reason that they lack the major component of beauty? Apparently, yes.

Are you someone who lost teeth due to injuries, decaying of tooth and related diseases? Do you feel embarrassed to stand in front of others as you think you could be judged by them? Don’t worry! The international dental implant center, All on Four Implants India under the guidance of Dr. Murugavel- Laser Specialist, Advanced Basal Implantologist- is there to help you achieve your dream of a whole set of healthy and strong teeth. So far, he successfully did 4000 implants since his career and has received quality training in Immediate Loading Basal Implantology. Although he offers many services, full mouth dental implant in Chennai is the best out of all.

Full Arch / Full Mouth Implants

Literally speaking, the whole set of teeth in the upper and lower jaws are fully implanted through this treatment. People who have lost teeth and having unhealthy and subsequent failing teeth ought to make use of full mouth implant.

Major Full Arch/ Full Mouth Implant Treatment Options

Conventional Removal Dentures

This is the most cost friendly and easiest way to support your teeth. The customized teeth for each patient helps him reach his dream of beautiful warm smile. These dentures are easy to clean and a good lip support is offered by the implants. Post treatment follow up can be done with the designated physician at the clinic.

Implant Retained Dentures

The conventional dentures are supported using implant retained studs. Locator Abutment, an attachment that can be pressed, is placed on the dental implant. The upper jaw and lower jaw require a minimum of eight implants in total.

Removable Bridge Works

The restoration of the upper jaw is carried out without covering the palate and the implant is done on a bridge that is easily removable. Four implants in upper and lower jaws are mandatory. And with the aid of clips, a bar is fitted on implants so that the denture can be put to same secured position.

Fixed Bridges

Four to eight implants are done and on top of it, teeth are constructed. These implants are irremovable and are permanently fitted.

Immediate Restorations

An overall health of the patient needs to be assessed and evaluated for a major reason that the restoration of the teeth has to be done under anesthesia.

Now, don’t you think it is high time you have to choose the teeth treatment of your choice?  International Dental Implant Center is the one stop destination for making you gorgeous with a beautiful smile on your lips by Full mouth dental implants in Chennai. Say Cheese!!!

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