Friday, 25 August 2017

All on Four Dental Implants – Bringing back the smiles..

A smile is quite precious not just for beauty or aesthetics but for our personality as a whole. So it’s quite imaginable what a set of missing teeth could do to our looks! Missing teeth, be it due to decay or due trauma from an accident is quite difficult both for aesthetics as well as functionality. While there are conventional solutions to manage missing tooth, they do come with a lot of disadvantages.

All on four dental implants for missing teeth provides an ideal solution to handle missing teeth minus the above mentioned disadvantages. They are a relatively new treatment ideology and aims at replacing the missing tooth or providing full mouth rehabilitation with just 4 implants.

International Dental Implant Centre is widely acknowledged for their state of the art treatment techniques, all on four implants being one of them. The centre offers full mouth rehabilitation with all on four implants that easier to maintain and more hygienic that conventional implants. They eliminate the need of having separate implants for each replacement teeth.

Who could be a candidate for all on 4?

All on 4 dental implants are ideal for the following candidates: -
  • Those who have lost all teeth due to decay or some trauma
  • Those who have only a few teeth remaining
  • Those who are not happy with removable dentures
  • Those who have shaky teeth due to severe or chronic periodontitis or gum disease
  • Those who almost fully decayed teeth with just the roots remaining and suffering from persistent pain and swelling
All on 4 dental implants offer the quickest way to achieve full mouth rehabilitation.

Types of dental implants

All on four dental implants can be conducted with the help of either regular implants or zygoma implants. Regular implants are used in normal cases while zygoma implants are used in cases where there is no adequate bone structure to support the implants.

The all on four dental implant procedure cost in India is quite affordable and may vary depending on the intensity of the issue in the patient and type of implant used.

International Dental Implant Centre is one of the best dental specialty centres in the country offering the latest dental procedures at affordable rates.

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