Friday, 2 June 2017

Dentistry won't be painful anymore

Nowadays with the help of modern technology dental specialists ensures that every clinical procedures are carried out painlessly, safely and effectively. Painless dentistry has enabled to ease the potential discomfort that dental treatment may entail.

What is Painless Dentistry?

Painless dentistry also known as sedation dentistry, uses safe and mild forms of sedation to calm the patient before the procedure is performed. It also helps to numb the affected areas so that the patient can't feel the work of the dentist and the procedure will be complete by the time the sedation wears off.

Painless dentistry involves varying levels of sedation. The following types of sedation are used in dentistry:

  • Inhaled minimal sedation: The patient breathe nitrous oxide also known as "laughing gas" combined with oxygen through a mask that's placed over your nose. The gas helps the patient to relax. The dentist controls the amount of sedation the patient receives, and the gas tends to wear off quickly. 
  • Oral sedation: Based on the dose given, oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate. For minimal sedation, the patient take a pill. The pill will make the patient drowsy, although the patient will be awake. A larger dose may be given to produce moderate sedation. From moderate oral sedation some people become groggy enough to actually fall asleep during the procedure. 
  • IV moderate sedation: In this procedure the patient receives the sedative drug through a vein, so it goes to work more quickly. This method allows the dentist to adjust the level of sedation.
  • General anesthesia & Deep sedation: Medications will be given to patient that will make him either almost unconscious or totally unconscious during the procedure.

Sedation dentistry may be appropriate for people who:

  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Have a bad gag reflex
  • Need a large amount of dental work completed
  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Can't sit still in the dentist's chair
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