Monday, 26 December 2016

Permanent Dentures in Just One Day With All on Four Dental Implants

There is a certain stigma attached to the word dentures. It could be emotional or just plain, cumbersome. So, the next best substitute to these traditional dentures is the latest All-on-Four Dental Implants.

Dentures are the traditional solution to all dental problems caused by age, oral illnesses, and accidents. However, the new age solution to patients missing upper or lower sets of teeth is the  'All-on-Four' Dental Implants. As the name implies, this procedure is based on using only 4 implants to support the entire arch of either the upper or the lower set of teeth. Instead of using around 16 traditional implants, you can now use only half the number using 'All-on-Four' Dental Implants.
Features of  'All-on-Four' Dental Implants

Let's look at some of the features of the 'All-on-Four' Dental Implants' which provide a clear distinction with regard to its traditional counterpart. The most important feature is the use of lesser implants. It allows complete dental restoration along with the  implant surgery. Minimised surgery time and costs, quick recovery, and customised fit and comfort level are the other factors.

Process of  'All-on-Four' Dental Implants

The entire  'All-on-Four' Dental Implants procedure includes two main stages.

Stage 1: Any obstruction in the path of the implant will be cleared and a temporary bridge will be installed. This will be secured with 4 titanium dental implants.

Stage 2: A few months after stage 1, the implants are firmly rooted to the bone and the healing process also gets completed. The dental surgeon then removes the temporary bridge that was installed and fabricates and installs the permanent one.

The back implants are tilted 45 degrees in order to provide total support for rehabilitation. This tilt is required so that the bone does not drift or have any deficiencies.

'All-on-Four' Dental Implants is very dynamic and versatile as it provides optimal functionality along with high aesthetic value.

Who Could be aCandidate for All on 4?

'All-on-Four' Dental Implants is generally recommended by dentists in cases of excessive tooth loss or bone loss in the jaws. In such cases, the patients need to significantly replace portions of their upper or lower teeth.
Patients having less or no teeth at all in both the jaws have a choice of using Dentures or  'All-on-Four' Dental Implants. However, many patients opt for  'All-on-Four' Dental Implants as it is more comfortable than Dentures. 'All-on-Four' Dental Implants is best suited for patients with low bone density, swelling gums, and decayed teeth. The entire procedure spanning from consultation to complete recovery varies from person to person.

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