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Top Dental Implants Treatment Tamilnadu

Dental implant are the replacement of tooth roots.It also helps to prevent jaw bone loss.By using this procedure,we have to reduce the problems such as gum disease,bad breath,missing teeth and bad teeth.Implants are safe, well-established and it look like natural teeth.It will last for as long as you care for them.

Tooth Loss

Teeth are lost because of:                           

  • Tooth decay
  • Root canal failure
  • Gum disease                                       
  • tooth injury

Types of Dental Implant

1.Endosteal:It is commonly used type and performed in the bone.

2.Subperiosteal:That rests on top of the jawbone under the gum tissue

3.all on 4 dental implants:all on 4 dental implants help to increases bone-to-implant contact and avoids vertical bone augmentation

Advantages of Dental Implant
  • Good appearance
  • Better speech
  • More comfort
  • Easier eating 
  • Good oral health
  • Durability
  • Convenience  

International dental implant center is one of the world class treatment providers fordental implants They offers modern,high quality and pain free treatments for dental problems.They provide friendly and homely atmosphere to the patients.

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